Aden & Anais Muslin Swaddling Blankets 4 Pack - SuperStar £38.95

100% cotton muslin is a dream fabric for parents: durable, absorbent, quick drying, portable and it actually improves and softens the more you wash it.

It's ideal for swaddling because of the slightly stretchy and loose, breathable weave (to read more about the debate around swaddling click here). Muslin wipes spills, is an impromptu bib, protects clothes from that inevitable shoulder spillage, acts as a cot sheet or even a nappy.

Aden & Anais 3 pack Musy - Jungle Jam £16.95

The cotton weave originated in Bangladesh during the Middle Ages and, taking a bit of a wild guess here, it must have been a nappy bag essential ever since (surely even Medieval mums had nappy bags of some description, a nappy ‘bindle’ perhaps a la Dick Whittington’s handkerchief tied to a stick, but I digress).

Aden and Anais' products are the top notch, cr̬me de la cr̬me, numero uno in the muslin world. They are super-soft (softening even more with washing) and they're made to last Рhanded down through siblings and cousins, a well loved Aden and Anais muslin could last for years and be all the more snuggly for it.

Aden & Anais Muslin Swaddling Blankets 4 Pack - Star Bright £38.95

As well as being practical, A&A's muslins help tired parents smile, keep busy toddlers entertained and, dare I say it, encourage wriggly pre-schoolers to have their nappy changed? Forget greying muslin, these squares come with stars, spots, giraffes, whales, cows, dinosaurs, fairies and more. You could collect them all if you are that way inclined. Other products in the range include washcloths, sleeping bags, bibs and security blankets. I love the wee fairies in this pic, cute without being too Disney.

LuLu Issie Security Blanket from Aden & Anais £15.95



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